Your machinery and production line are vital for your business and keeping them serviced and maintained as well repaired quickly in the event of a machinery breakdown needs to be done efficiently and correctly. Mildura Electrical knows this only too well. We've built a reputation for keeping things running for a wide variety of industries such as Printing, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Food and Beverage and Transport.

Our experience and specialised skills allow us to provide a full range of industrial electrician services, including:

• Machinery service
• Machinery relocation
• Machinery breakdowns
• Fault finding
• Switchboard repairs and upgrades
• Process control
• Programmed maintenance
• Variable speed drives
• Motor repairs
• Motor rewinding
• Temperature control
• Plant alarms
• Scheduled maintenance and repairs
• Safety checks
• Electrical parts replacement
• Battery backup systems
• Indicating lights
• Speed drives design and installation
• General light and power installation
• Main switchboard design and installation
• Main cable installation
• Programmable logic control (PLC) cabinets
• AC/DC drives
• Motor control

1. New Installation
Mildura Electrical offers installation of new main cable systems for commercial and industrial clients. Our new installation services range from general lighting, to installing and designing your whole electrical installation

2. Upgrade
We also perform upgrades of existing industrial and commercial electrical systems. This is especially critical for those whose systems have been in use for several years now and may require upgrading to accommodate their new electrical requirements.

3. Modification
Over the years, your needs as an establishment will change, depending on the demands of the business. Mildura Electrical is qualified to meet the ever-changing demands of our commercial and industrial clients. With our team of expert electricians, any type of modification that you require will be accomplished with efficiency, quality and system integrity in mind.

Aside from providing these three types of services, you can also rely on Mildura Electrical for the upkeep and maintenance of existing and new electrical systems.

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