Safety Switch Keeps Tripping!

One of Mildura Electrical's most common call-outs is to a tripping safety switch, which keeps turning the power off. Yet in many instances, this is a simple issue to rectify.

A safety switch usually trips for one of two reasons. First, it may be a faulty appliance that is 'leaking power to the earth' or second it may be wiring that is 'leaking power to the earth'. The second is very dangerous and must always be repaired by a licensed electrician. In some cases you may be able to assist to locate a faulty appliance.

To Check to see if your safety switch is tripping due to a faulty appliance:

  1. Leave the safety switch off.
  2. Go through the house and unplug all of the appliances (yes all of them!), including the fridge.... if you were using an appliance right when the safety switch tripped, then start with that one.
  3. Turn the tripping safety switch back on, if it stays on then it may mean you have a faulty appliance which is causing it to trip. 
  4. It may mean that you do not need to call an electrician if you can identify which of your appliances is causing the safety switch to trip, however we would always caution safety when dealing with what may be seriously faulty appliances. If in doubt, call an electrician.
Likewise, if you have unplugged all your appliances and tried to turn the safety switch back on and it refuses to stay on, then its time to call an electrician. 

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