Motion Sensors & Security Lighting

Motion sensor lights are ingenious lighting fixtures that can detect movement in a given area and turn the light on. There are many benefits to using such lighting around your landscape. Especially for security!
The way most of these kinds of units work is by detecting changing heat patterns in front of the ‘eye’ of the sensor.
Once a change is detected it’ll snap the lights on and flood the area in light.
You will want them to detect rapid changes in temperature. This will then only set it off when something warm enters the field like a human, an animal or a car.

Safeguard your home and workplace from intruders and burglars with sensor security lighting system. Mildura Electrical understands your need for protection from trespassers so we provide you with a wide range of high-tech sensor security products that can effectively prevent nuisances and crimes from taking place.
From state of the art stand alone sensors and sensors with lights to flood lights and stylish wall lantern with sensors, Mildura Electrical has everything you need to keep your home safe and secured.

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