House Rewires

Electrical components in an old building can become a mixture of parts and pieces over the years. Old cable can get so brittle the insulation starts to flake off and cloth covered wire can be abraded or chewed by pests. Missing or damaged insulation and scorch marks on terminals in switches and outlets might expose you or your house to a live wire.

Mildura Electricals electricians have years of experience in finding and rectifying faults relating to outdated electrical installations in Sunraysia. If your lights or power fail we can trace and rectify individual faults to get you going again. If the problem is more involved an experienced and qualified Mildura Electrical electrician can recommend a course of action. If necessary we offer professional services to rewire your switchboard or entire house.

Mildura Electrical can rewire part of or a complete electrical installation. As part of a house rewire we renew all cabling, replace all switches and power points, reinstall existing light fittings if serviceable or we can install new ones all to comply with wiring rules ASNZS3000:2007 standards. This is guaranteed by an electrical safety certificate issued to you.

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