Halogen Down Light Fitting with Heat Cap or Fire Guard Protection

Fire heat cap guide for halogen down lights which cover the top of the down light globe which offer a peace of mind and security to your home or office. Majority of house fires are often started due to poorly installed down lights or electrical wiring in your ceiling. Where ceiling insulation to insulation bats are present it is required to have a fire rated heat cap covering the halogen light globe. These electrical house fires are started when halogen down lights have not been wired or installed as per Australian wiring code and significant house fire has started.

Did you know that a 50 watt bulb can burn at 300 degrees Celsius?

With this heat electrical faults occur where any electrical cables sitting on the halogen globe can burn and catch on fire which causes the safety switch to trip.

Protect you home, call Mildura Electrical to perform a safety inspection or install a safety switch in your switchboard.

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