Electrical Power Boards

It is important that you take the necessary safety precautions when using power boards to minimise any safety risks. If used incorrectly or unsafely, power boards can cause fires, electric shocks, severe injuries or even death.

Ideally additional outlets should be installed to negate the use of power boards altogether and balance loads in the building, if this is not possible Mildura Electrical recommends only using power boards with built in safety switches/circuit breakers. Remember do not overload the power board.

Power boards offered for sale in Australia must comply with relevant safety standards. It is illegal to offer power boards for sale or hire in Australia without the necessary safety approval.

When buying a power board you must ensure that it has been tested for safety and approved for use in Australia by an Australian state regulator.

You can find the safety approval details on the back of power boards; approved power boards incorporate overload protection measures that will prevent them from overheating and causing fires and electrical shocks.
Remember, additional outlets installed by one of Mildura Electricals A grade electricians and a certificate of electrical safety is the way to go.

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