Electrical Appliance Plug Tops

Do you have an electrical appliance plug top? In most cases with old electrical appliances the electrical plug and/or cable will require replacement, if worn or damaged.
If you notice that the plugs of your electrical appliances are getting a little hot, this may be a sign that the wiring in the plug or the circuit is faulty. Stop using the appliance until you seek advice from your local qualified Mildura Electrical electrician on (03) 5022 7483
No Power or Lights? Safety Switch keeps tripping? This may be a sign of an electrical fault. Before calling your local qualified Mildura Electrical Electrician it is wise to check your switch board. Check if you have any circuit breakers or a safety switch which seems to be on the 'off' position.
Try turning it back on and if that does not work the fault may be due to several reasons such as overloading circuits, a faulty appliance, a faulty circuit breaker or safety switch (RCD), or your wiring may be old and/or have a fault requiring rewiring. If the problem is due to an appliance fault, depending on the safety switch installed, the safety switch can cut the power to the power circuit within 30 milliseconds.
The best solution to this is to inspect your house and physically pull out all the power plugs out of the power point (outlet). In most cases you will find it is a faulty appliance containing water or a heating appliance such as a fridge, iron, heater, or even dishwasher. If this does not solve the fault call your local qualified Mildura Electrical electrician on (03) 5022 7483
Safety switches save lives. The purpose of a safety switch is to notice any leakage to the body of the appliance plugged into the power point, or an earth leakage to the body of a light fitting. It can also trip the power due to an insulation breakdown of your home's wiring or cables.
If you have a fuse box with ceramic fuses your house is a ticking time bomb, if the wrong fuse wire is used there is a good chance of the wiring catching on fire! Call your local qualified Mildura Electrical electrician today on (03) 5022 7483 to upgrade your switchboard to a safer and user friendly switchboard which will turn your power off in the event of a fault rather than burn your house down. There are also no tools required to turn your power back on. REMEMBER it will be cheaper to upgrade your fuse box today instead of attending to a break down after the fault has occurred.

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