Electric Heaters

Every year heaters cause a large number of house fires in Australia. By following a few simple safety tips you can keep your home and the people in it safe.
Reducing the fire risk from heaters

  • Service Built in Heaters. Built in heaters need to be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent appliance over heating
  • Never leave heaters unattended. If a fire starts it could spread through your home before you are able to respond.
  • Keep flammable materials at least a meter away from the heater. The majority of house fires are caused by people hanging clothes or towels to dry on or in front of the heater. Clothes, upholstery, curtains and other material that could catch fire should be kept more than a meter from any heater at all times.
  • Make sure portable heaters are secured upright and not left in locations where people or pets could knock them over.
  • Avoid using portable heaters on table tops unless they are secure and designed for that purpose. There is a risk of heat damage to the table top and if it falls off it could damage the heater and start a fire.
Portable Electric heater safety
  • Don't plug electric heaters into power boards, double adaptors or extension cords with other appliances. Heaters consume large amounts of power and may overload the supply and cause a fire.
  • Before using an electric heater check the condition of the appliance and power cords for obvious damage. If there is damage contact an electrician or the service technician to fix it.
Electric blanket safety
  • Electric blankets should be rolled when stored away. Folding an electric blanket can damage element wires within the blanket.
  • When using a blanket for the first time after storage, lay it flat on the bed and check for hot spots as it heats up. Only add sheets once you are sure the blanket will operate safely at a maximum temperature.
  • Electric blankets that are not properly maintained can cause fires.
  • Avoid using double adaptors or power boards wherever possible.
  • Older electric blankets might be damaged and may not have the safety features of modern blankets, so consider replacing them.

Looking out for your safety
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