D​on’t die trying to be an electrician

Call in a professional whenever you need electrical work done, no matter how small the job.

Don’t be tempted to do your own electrical work – it’s illegal and it can also be deadly. That’s the message of our DIY=DIE campaign.

ESV launched the DIY=DIE campaign after two Victorians were killed doing their own electrical work. They weren't’t qualified and they may have thought they were saving time or money. They paid with their lives.

Some people think they can fix things themselves but it takes years to become a licensed electrician. Whether you’re at work or doing your own jobs around the house, DIY=DIE when it comes to electrical work.

Staying safe on farms and rural work sites

The two Victorians killed in early 2016 were both doing DIY electrical work on farms. These deaths were entirely preventable.

We’re targeting farmers with the DIY=DIE message

ESV is concerned that farmers are cutting corners and doing work they are not qualified to do and the results can be deadly.

Farmers are more likely to die at work than any other Victorian worker – about thirty per cent of work place deaths occur on farms.

Financial pressures can also mean that many farmers work long hours or potentially cut corners with maintenance. It’s simply not worth the risk when it comes to electricity.

Make sure electrical installations and equipment are kept in good working order. If there’s a problem don’t risk your own safety or the safety of your workers – always call in a licensed electrician, no matter how remote you are or how small the job.

Tips for staying safe

  • Never ignore minor shocks and tingles because these can be signs of a bigger electrical problem
  • Turn off water pumps before entering the water and touching or checking the equipment
  • Don’t try to fix submersible pumps yourself because electricity and water is a deadly combination – the young farmer who died in January 2016 were doing this when he was electrocuted
  • Don’t use oversize fuse wiring
  • Never use broken power tools or faulty extension cords
Don’t become another statistic

Make safety the number one priority on your farm and don’t take shortcuts that could cost you your life

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