Christmas Light Safety

December is a time for Christmas cheer with many homes and gardens turned into spectacular festive displays.
During this time it’s important to remember electrical safety. Too often decorative lighting isn’t installed correctly, or no electrical safety measures have been considered.
Mildura Electrical urges everyone to be aware of common sense electrical safety measures to keep you and your family safe.

Australian Standards
When you’re purchasing decorative lights always look for an Australian Approval number such as Q12345, V01294, or N12345. Many decorative lights are manufactured outside of Australia where safety standards are lower but the approval number indicates the product is safe to use here.

Safety Switches
A safety switch is the best way to secure your home and family’s electrical safety. In most electrical accidents a safety switch will sense danger instantly, cutting off the power in a fraction of a second.
A safety switch and approval number isn’t an alternative to proper electrical maintenance or safe practices. Your home can be covered in decorative lights inside and out and still be electrically sound; you just need to be vigilant and keep electrical safety top-of-mind.

Christmas Safety Checklis

  • When installing lights outdoors, only use lights designed for external use. Generally these types will have a transformer
  • Use extra low voltage lights – look for lights with a transformer
  • Always turn off outdoor lights during rain or storms
  • Ensure your outdoor connections are weatherproofed
  • Check for an Australian Approval number when purchasing lights
  • Do not piggyback double adapters or power boards
  • Always keep clear of powerlines, swimming pools, driveways, and walkways
  • Secure outdoor lights to fixtures and keep out of children’s reach
  • Follow the instructions and recommendations of manufacturer

Looking out for your safety
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